2019 Committee

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Breast Way Round


2019 Committee

Chair Person - Jacqui Monaghan

Jacqui is a mum to 3 children, 2 teenage sons and a teenage daughter as well as a step son & daughter.  Jacqui works full time for a local housing charity, she enjoys socialising and drinking gin.  She very much loves her bike family and  BWR family. She has a totally daft side to her and doesn't like to be too serious unless needed.

"We only get one shot at this life ...enjoy every minute."

Vice Chair/Media and Digital Stuff

- Laura White


Laura's first run was in 2011.  She lives with her beloved black labrador, Jax.  She had met some of the group promoting the run in a Tesco car park in Bellshill.  Laura went on to do her CBT and have 1 four hour lesson before borrowing a training bike from Route 66 Motherwell and completing Breast Way Round 2011.  'It has been one of the best achievements of my life'.

'Breast Way Round has not only become a staple annual event to look forward to, a whole new family has been realised.'

Secretary - Lizzy Reid


Bio coming soon!





Chief Blagger and Campsite Operations - Scott Thomas

Scott aka sully is 46 years old and a dad of 2 kids, a son and daughter 'who are  both bike crazy may i add'  A step dad to 3 and fiance of Jacqui.  He loves a party and has an amazing talent in making people laugh.  Chief blagger and support organiser.

Our memory tree planted in Aviemore to remember those we have loved and lost to cancer.

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